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White pants – my styling tips for the transition season

After all, I still belong to the generation of fashion rules. And I think the white pants had a very own. Much like changing a tire on a car, from O to O, October to Easter, wearing white pants was out of the question. Perhaps understandable, if you think of linen pants or other thin summer fabric. However, I would not like to wear them in any other color in sub-zero temperatures. Besides, it certainly depends on where you spend the winter. Since in this case I conclude from me to others, I imagine of course our winters. Kind of cold, kind of dry, and yet also kind of wet. The latter is a resounding argument for not wearing white pants. But low temperatures alone are no longer a reason, after all, there are enough white pants made of thicker fabrics. First and foremost the jeans and therefore my styling tips come of course with a white jeans.

100% cotton or plus elastane

That’s where I’ll start right away with some fabric advice. Because white skinny jeans made of thinner denim and a higher percentage of elastane are mean traitors. They relentlessly show what you’re wearing underneath. But by that I don’t mean whether you’re wearing red, black, flowered or lace underwear. Because white denim is not transparent, even with spandex. But cuddly as stretch fabrics are, prints are also easily visible. Thus, with a tight-fitting skinny jeans is simply clear – whether you wear panties, hipsters or thongs. Okay, maybe 100% cotton denim will tell you that, but unfortunately stretch fabrics are also very revealing when it comes to orange peel skin. Now I don’t mean by that that you have to hide them. It is what it is. But I know ladies who do not wear shorts because they do not want to show cellulite and I think that you do not want to be betrayed by your white pants.

The white trousers – a lousy traitor

But actually, this doesn’t just apply to white skinny jeans with stretch. Strictly speaking, any pastel shades are very treacherous, at least if they are plain. In this respect, it might be a good idea to look for a low elastane content in a pair of white jeans that you want to wear even in winter. Or you can simply swim along with the trend wave and get yourself a pair of white jeans with wide legs. This has the advantage that the fabric is usually thinner and therefore much more suitable for summer. Because let’s face it, a thick denim is not really suitable for hot summer days. But even if the fabric is thinner, it’s still a jeans and so that fits in any case for the transition. Unless you are one of those super frosty people. I have both cuts, of course – a pair of wide leg white pants and a skinny with slightly thicker fabric.

Transitional styling with white pants

Ergo, this skinny isn’t quite as tell-tale either – but I still prefer to wear a blazer over it. Because yep, this skinny is also “stretchy” and it may be comfortable. But when I purely consult my reflection in the mirror, I prefer jeans without stretchy additives. That, however, is really, really a matter of personal taste. And I am of course very interested in yours. Can you tell me in the comments what you prefer? Thanks

. But I digressed again, actually I just wanted to break a lance for the white pants in the transition styling. Because muted fall and winter colors you really see enough in the relevant months. So I’m like that I feel just in the darker season bright colors as a refreshing change. I also love the combination of white and cognac. I think it’s the sporty counterpart to black and cognac.

Skinny vs. wide leg pants

The only argument against white pants is wetness. Rain falling on dirty asphalt simply leaves unsightly stains on the calf. No matter how careful you are. The splashing water, which the shoes “swirl up” when running, is quite difficult to remove again, especially from white pants. However, this is an issue in both summer and winter. Because dirt is in season on the street all year round. As inspiration, I brought you three outfits with white pants today. One of them is with a skinny and the other two looks with the wide pants. And if you still think you can’t wear white pants in winter or the transition season, then just buy one in beige Have a great day, your Conny

2017 there was once a summer series and also there I dedicated an article to white pants


Details on the outfit

wide pants

Re/Done – I’ve had for a while and find the cut just brilliant – for every season. At Breuninger I saw this culotte from Mac. I like it mega. (One click and you will be redirected to Breuninger on another tab).


H&M – I really have forever and three days. At Marc O’Polo I discovered these slightly narrower pants.

plaid blazer

Ja*kes – belongs to a suit is also longer with me, I would now buy a plaid blazer, then it would be for sure, this green plaid model of edited via Breuninger. Or maybe this cool piece from Joop? (for both, if you click, you leave my page and it opens a new tab in your browser, also I get a commission as far as you buy something at Breuninger.

Sweater in pink

????? – I can’t remember where I bought it. It’s perfect for transition and gets too warm quickly in double digit plus temperatures.

Blazer cognac

darling harbour – I’ve also had it for a while and color-wise this blazer from comma (via Breuninger) is comparable to my model. (If you click and buy something, then I get through a sophisticated, tricky system a small Obulus. But is also clear that you then leave my page and a new tab opens in your browser)

Cardigan cognac & turtleneck

H&M – the sweater is already longer with me and the cardigan

striped shirt

Closed – I have longer and love the casual part very much


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