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Sunglasses with progressive lenses from Rodenstock

Advertising: Just in time for the wonderful sunshine, I was able to pick up my new sunglasses from Rodenstock. And crazy but true, I had to be 47 years old before I put the first sunglasses with lenses in my prescription on my nose. Of course, now these are also varifocals. In other words, sunglasses with progressive lenses from Rodenstock. That’s particularly important, because if I’m going to wear sunglasses with my prescription, then the difference between them and the glasses I normally wear should be as small as possible. Incidentally, that’s not just what I say, but also what the experts say. Why this is so and why it is important at all to get a good pair of sunglasses, I want to tell you in this blogpost.

Sunglasses – chic accessories

For me, sunglasses fulfilled for a long time only the purpose of chic accessories. Of course, they should also keep the sunlight away from my eyes, but I had chosen the frames solely on the optics. Consequently, over the years, a few models came together. It was like with all other accessories. “Nice to have”, but not absolutely necessary. Similar to belts or handbags. For all applies, the choice is huge and for me was primarily important that the sunglasses fit the outfit. Haha – when I think of some models from the past, I’m glad that there were no social media channels back then. But well, that’s ultimately a matter of taste. Today I know that sunglasses can be chic – but first and foremost the tinted lenses are important for the eyes.

UV protection through the glass

And tinted lenses are important not only for people like me, whose visual acuity needs correction anyway. But all people should wear glasses with tinted lenses when the sun is shining. Actually, it’s absurd to assume otherwise, considering how important sunscreen is. We buy sunscreen in rough quantities or reach for UV clothing. And the eyes? I’ve been too careless there for a long time, and I have a feeling I’m not the only one. Or we use our sunglasses “only” on vacation. Because we are constantly outside and it “pays off”. Meanwhile, the eyes also get the full dose of UV rays. And let’s be honest – part of the fancy wrinkles around the eye, also only come because we prefer to pinch them together instead of protecting them with sunglasses.

Sunglasses with progressive lenses

I’ve already written quite a bit here about the biometrically intelligent varifocals from Rodenstock. Also about the unique eye measurement with the DNEye® scanner, which enables Rodenstock opticians to incorporate 7,000 measurement points into the most individual lenses. That’s why I’m really glad I was able to enter my progressive age with these terrific lenses. I never had even one day of adjustment difficulties and love both progressive lenses. Maybe the model with the self tint a tad more. Since it really holds exactly the right tint for every sunlight. Simply automatically. This also ensures fewer wrinkles around the eye, because you don’t have to squint your eyes as much. These self-tinting glasses are ideal for the days I spend in the office.and perhaps only the lunch break outside or for short journeys from A to B. The change from tinted to non-tinted goes really quickly.

UV protection without tinting

Strictly speaking, you don’t need an extra pair of sunglasses with such glasses. Unless you travel a lot by car or in other means of transport whose windows have UV protection but are not tinted. Because these windows block UV radiation, the glasses do not darken by themselves. But sunglasses are very important to me, especially in the car. On the one hand, because of the tint – but mainly, in this case, I’m concerned with good vision. I only say low sun. In spring and fall, this is a challenge for me every day, especially in rush hour traffic. I drive east in the morning and back again in the evening, of course. So far, I’ve managed with contact lenses and my accessory sunglasses on particularly sunny days. But because I’m badly plagued with hay fever and watery eyes in the spring, I simply prefer my glasses.

Optimal vision with progressive lenses from Rodenstock

What’s more, with my sunglasses with prescription, I now don’t have to forgo optimum visual pleasure. Because it goes without saying that the entire patented Eye Lens Technology (EyeLT®) from Rodenstock is also incorporated into the progressive sunglass lens. On top of that, it’s perfect to have both the sunglasses and the “normal” glasses in the same prescription. I usually change the two pairs of glasses in quick succession. In the morning in the car with sunglasses and then in the underground garage prefer the glasses without tint. However, this change is also an achievement for our brain, because ultimately we do not see with our eyes, but with our brain. The eyes, i.e. the optic nerve, take in the images, but what we see is told to us by our brain. A very complex connection, which I can certainly not explain to you in depth. But a blatant change in lighting conditions definitely leads to adjustment difficulties in my vision.

“For wearers of varifocals, we also offer the patented Eye Lens Technology (EyeLT®) for sunglasses. This precision technology makes us the only eyewear manufacturer able to calculate the eye’s aberrations in any direction of gaze and as a function of pupil size.
Another advantage of progressive lenses fitted using EyeLT® is the particularly short acclimatization period. “

Rodenstock website

We see with our brain

Therefore, it makes sense to me that it is a relief for the visual process if the lenses of the sunglasses and the “normal” glasses are identical. So quasi have the same cut. And there it is anyway, who has once looked through these biometrically intelligent progressive lenses from Rodenstock, will never again want to do without this optimal vision. By the way, it goes without saying that all sunglass models from Rodenstock can be made with biometrically intelligent lenses in any prescription. So you don’t have to do without optimal vision with your favorite model. You can get an overview of the frames on the Rodenstock website.

fen. And also try on virtually right away. My model is the 3309C.

Sunglasses with prescription: a chic accessory

I, for one, would highly recommend glasses from Rodenstock. I recently did the same for a colleague who had first invested in “conventional” varifocals. Unfortunately, this was in vain, he did not get along with it. In the second attempt, he has now had lenses made according to the specifications of the DNEye® scanner and told me just a few weeks ago that he is totally thrilled. Guys, I tell you, it pays off to invest in the right glasses right from the start. No matter if they are “normal” glasses with prescription or sunglasses. We have only the two eyes and glasses always in the middle of the face. If that’s not a reason. I am looking forward in any case mega on the summer with my perfectly fitted sunglasses from Rodenstock. Of course, all sunglasses models are also available without individual prescription. Whereby that is somehow no longer an option for most people my age. For reasons. Have a great Sunday and thank you for your visit.

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