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Slap and apology – transitional look with quilted jacket and leather blazer

I wanted to tell you something about basics, but then Mr. Smith gave Mr. Rock a slap, slap, slap, and when an outcry goes through the Internet, then of course I roar with it. That goes without saying. Oda? You may not be able to hear the story next Sunday. Maybe even on Thursday it’s already a bit borderline. But I didn’t want to spend the night to write this text earlier. I don’t even do that anymore for the night of the Oscars. But the good thing is, today I’m sure you’re all in the know. So, I don’t have to tell anyone else exactly what happened. Or do I? As for the outfit, I thought I’d do one of those transitional looks that takes into account the fact that winter is also giving us a slap in the face this coming weekend, and my advice is to wear all your favorite winter clothes again.

The weekend of slaps in the face

So I don’t think the slap is coming back into fashion just because last weekend two celebrities independently conceded one during public events. Rather, I think we’ve left such corporal punishment behind. However, I don’t want to go into the Pocher incident at all now, I simply didn’t hear enough about it. Moreover, this slap was probably preceded by something – sometime and somewhere. I find such things fundamentally difficult. I witnessed this many years ago in a club. A woman came in, went straight to another woman and slapped her. In no time she was gone again. None of the bystanders had any idea what the incident was about. Of course, that doesn’t justify the slap – but not being able to have a say does.

A joke at the expense of others – is that humor?

And possibly it is also an illusion to know about the relationship between Chris Rock and Will Smith. After all, we don’t know if they had ever worked together on a movie or if they had ever fought over a role. But let’s assume that the two celebrities know each other because they are famous and everything you need to know about the slap happened exactly that night. Chris Rock makes a bad joke about Will Smith’s wife. A joke about their hairstyle. A hairstyle that Mrs. Smith probably doesn’t wear of her own free will either, but which is due to a medical history. But regardless of that – you can ask yourself if Chris Rock has spent the last years in a hole in the ground. Because otherwise he would know that jokes about hairstyles have never been funny.

Slap in the face – is it allowed?

But there has always been a fine line between a joke and an insult. Nobody knows that better than me. I also tend to overshoot the mark sometimes with my jokes. Especially when people don’t know me. I often have a loose mouth and contrary to popular opinion, I don’t always find humor appropriate. And without justifying Will Smith’s slap, I’ve read that an adequate response to Chris Rock’s insulting joke should necessarily have been one of humor. Yes? Is that really the case? I’m not sure – why is one considered quick-witted and eloquent in our society if one can humorously counter another’s insults? In my eyes, this is the same as when adults make jokes at the expense of children and then they “get in line” when they can’t laugh about it or even start crying.

Hitting does not go at all

You can see, possibly this triggers me, because I think the topic is totally difficult. Really! According to his own statement, Will Smith wanted to protect his wife with this action. After all, this was made in front of a world audience to the mockery of the people. At least that’s how Will Smith and probably his wife perceived it. Who knows how many tears have already flowed behind closed doors because of the loss of hair in the Smith house. And then some guy comes along and makes a stupid joke that he even gets paid for. I’ve never been in a situation like that – with so much attention. A huge event, all the cameras and spotlights. And then there’s the audience in attendance – all colleagues who work in the same industry. I think I would be angry too if someone insulted my husband in front of all my colleagues. Nevertheless, hitting is not an option!

Out of fashion

But I don’t know what the appropriate response would have been either. So in this situation – in front of all the people and cameras at this very event, the most important in Hollywood. Especially since such a moment quickly fizzles out. Do you know what is right or wrong? And should he have said or done anything at all? Or would it not have been Mrs. Smith’s turn? Would it have been anyone’s move at all? Or wouldn’t the eye roll from her have just been enough? Questions over questions, to which I just don’t know the answer. However, I am very interested in your opinion. And besides all the fuss about the incident, I think it’s much more important that Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock. Because apologizing seems to be out of fashion in our society as well. It doesn’t require a slap in the face beforehand either. A sincere apology is simply in order for any misbehavior.

Apology – I am sorry

But for an apology, you must also first realize that you have not behaved well. Right or wrong is also difficult in this case. Because even with a supposedly right behavior you can hurt others. And isn’t that the standard for an apology? In the incident with the slap in the face, for example, wouldn’t an apology also be due from Chris Rock? Or are we then on the subject of artistic freedom? Because the comedian cracked this joke in the context of his booked show. I tell you, I could write another 900 words now, but I’m afraid I’m coming from the sticks to the sticks and maybe you could just write well here – to be continued in the comments. There it’s your turn and I’m already looking forward to your view.

Transitional look with favorite winter clothes

My own advice from above I get with this look by the way only a little justice. Because actually I have selected the because I have worn this winter so many wide pants that I wanted to wear now also times again a tight.

Considering the increase from the girth, I do not know if I still fit in there next winter. Also the shoes came this winter much too short. Me incomprehensible, because I still find the totally great. The blouse I have not yet so long that I would like to wear it every day. So maybe that fits with the favorite winter garment after all. Definitely fits with the leather blazer, which also gives a 1a transitional jacket. Especially in conjunction with my quilted jacket from the cooperation with THE BRITISH SHOP. The is just sensational for the transition and under the leather blazer it fits perfectly. Have a good time, dear all.

Details about the outfit


TONI-Fashion – the jeans were part of the fall collection and comes from my cooperation with TONI. At the moment you can find the current spring collection in the store of TONI.


Dorothee Schumacher – you can still find at Firusas in remaining size super reduced. (if you click, I get a small commission – for you this service costs nothing).


All Saints – are already eternally old and of course never available. A current model you can currently find at Breuninger (if you click and buy, I become rich and famous (a joke at my expense) – you this service costs nothing) and you know, the next winter is coming for sure.

Leather blazer

H&M – it’s been with me for a few months now and I haven’t found one I like.

Quilted jacket

THE BRITISH SHOP – this jacket is really awesome – so light and easy – great to take with you and just perfect for fresh spring days. In the store you can find it next to dark blue just in two spring colors – in green and in light blue.

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