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Fashion is not enough, right? Old man look in gray

Fashion is not enough, and yet it is. That describes exactly the thoughts that occasionally drive me around. Up and down. Similar to the chocolate cookie that you really shouldn’t eat anymore because you’ve already eaten five and number six would be at least one too many. Of course, this also applies to white blouses, shoes and jeans. You don’t need umpteen of them. But that’s not supposed to be my topic. Minimalism in terms of clothing and also otherwise I leave to those who know about it. Because I like a full life and since I don’t live in a furniture store, I also stand by the fact that our shelf is adorned with knickknacks. Jeepers – now I’m already rambling in the introduction. It’s the fashion that I sometimes think is not enough – but I don’t mean the quantity, I mean the subject. Fashionably, the article is accompanied by an old man look, which surely makes me old.

It is not about consumption

So again quickly mentioned: I do not want to call to accumulate masses of clothing. A sustainable approach to the subject is important. For me this has indeed a great importance and I prove that since the beginning of this blog with various articles, which you could all read here. Also from these texts it is obvious that fashion and beauty are really very ambivalent topics. And occasionally it just drives me around and I think fashion is not enough. By that I mean that the world has much bigger and more pressing issues than my styling ideas. After all, I also somehow stimulate consumption. However, I’m convinced that you are for the most part solidified and know exactly whether you want to buy something. But as I said, it’s not consumption that concerns me today. We’ll deal with that again another time.

The ultimate solution

As I said, the world certainly has more important topics and sometimes I have a guilty conscience and imagine that I should denounce the ills of the industry much more often here in this place. I should introduce more sustainable labels and maybe provide sewing patterns and knitting instructions. In other words, something that will get you further in life. But whenever I think about it, I end up concluding that life isn’t always about having the ultimate solution at the ready. And fashion is not superficial and certainly not as small as some people like to talk. This was recently confirmed for me by a post on Linkedin. There, a job coach had published a post about how she had outfitted herself, or rather dressed up, for a job interview. So her sneakers she had swapped for a business appropriate shoe and that applied to the rest of her clothes as well.

Life isn’t always about having the ultimate solution at the ready.

Fashion happens whether you deal with it or not

But if fashion has supposedly become so superficial today, why does it still play such an important role on the job and in society? So why are there still industries with dress codes? And why this big difference between those who wear high-end labels and those who care less about names? And don’t say now that it doesn’t matter. Because wf that were the case, the difference would no longer exist. Instead, these labels illustrate exactly this difference. But I don’t want to talk about these well-known designer brands either, at least not only. Because fashion may seem superficial to many who do not want to deal with the subject. Who do not attach any importance to it. But fashion, like life, happens even when we don’t give it a second thought. Even when we dress carelessly, we are saying something by doing so. After all, a careless style of dress does not remain hidden – it is much more a kind of non-verbal communication.

Fashion is a contentious issue

Whether you like it or not, we all deal with fashion in some way. After all, as God created us, we actually just squat in the sauna. And even there, it’s sometimes the bathrobe that (can) put us in a fashionable corner. And the uniforms that signal an affiliation to certain industries? Germany’s most famous designer, whose assessment all fashion-conscious ladies listen to every weekday, Guido Maria Kretschmer has designed at the beginning of his career, mainly corporate clothing. Why only would we spend so much effort if fashion was unimportant? Therefore: Fashion is enough. Strictly speaking, it is a highly social and probably also contentious topic. It starts with the difference between high-end and “conventional” fashion. Is it worth it? Do you have to spend X amount on a piece of clothing from the supposedly right label?

Display of financial means

It is nothing more than a display of one’s own financial means. Or is it? After all, it’s all far too expensive and out of proportion. Quite apart from that, the production does not take place under greater sustainable aspects. You sometimes read statements like this on Instagram under pictures with high-priced outfits. Basically, a lot of things, actually everything, is overpriced. And maybe there’s something to that. But wouldn’t one then have to write much more strongly under posts with clothes from SheIn, Nakd or Boohoo that these clothes are way too cheap and the price can’t even cover the material costs? But wait, I didn’t want to drift back into sustainability today. Whereby this is getting harder and harder, not only in fashion. In the world of Western affluence, every topic would have to be examined from a sustainable point of view. Cars, bicycles, food, heating, living. The list is endless and all topics are suitable for showing off one’s own financial means.

Old man look with pleated pants

But hey, sometimes nothing is as it seems. My look today is the best proof of that. Because in my eyes, this is a straight old man look. But since I’m more of a middle-aged woman, that’s just window dressing. The outfit is simply the consistent continuation of my look from Thursday, with which I underline my love for pleated pants again. This time, however, the trousers are made of a flowing fabric and the look is very simple. Longssleeve, cardigan and sneakers. I like, because the look is sensationally comfortable and you are immediately well dressed with it and hey, clothes make people and sometimes from a middle aged woman an older gentleman. And now be

Your turn – do you share my assessment or do you disagree. I look forward to your comments and wish a fine Sunday. Your Conny

Details on the outfit


Comptoire des Cotonniers – I’ve already bought a long time ago us just not yet shown on the blog. Darn. I saw one from LoulouStudio on sale at Jades24. If you click and buy something, I get a small commission. There is no cost to you for this service.
I also found a great pair of pants at Bogner. If you click and buy something, I get a small commission. This service costs you nothing.


Thom Krom – I found it at Lindner Fashion and good longsleeves are simply musthaves



H&M – I have this jacket for so long that I can’t remember when I bought it. About the same cut, yet completely different is this cardigan at &otherStories. If you click and buy something, I get a small commission. This service costs you nothing.


Adidas – they remind me so much of the eighties and my mantra is – no, I don’t need them ankle high too. No, I don’t need them ankle high too. No, I need …


Balenciaga – a lucky find, chance find or whatever you want to call them. I’m thankful that not everyone is running around with it.

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