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Green button: a state textile seal and a winter spring look

Green button so – and I send ahead immediately, in today’s look you look for a button in the color in vain. Rather, it is a state textile seal, which was introduced by the federal government in 2019. And now hand on heart – have you heard of it? I had read about it in 2018 and then, I admit, lost track of it again until it came back to me this week. Oh well, it’s been two years of pandemic – so maybe they didn’t push the whole thing. Thought. But that’s not correct – the seal has been introduced, there is a complicated approval process, and there are also companies that voluntarily participate in “Green Button”. The fact that I don’t know them is probably due to me. My outfit, on the other hand, has at least one item that deserves a textile seal. Otherwise, it’s more of a spring-like winter look or winter-like spring look.

National textile seal – Green Button

For all those who deal with fashion, the information is not new: the fashion industry is a dirty business. And only consumers can fix it. If consumers don’t buy the stuff in the stores and online stores, then the companies will rethink. And they are already doing so – both and. The group of buyers is becoming more sensitive and, as a result, there are more and more labels that also pay attention to the origin of their garments. So all we have to do is wait a little longer until the last few shoppers realize that it’s better to buy sustainable fashion, and bam, problem solved. From now on, there will only be garments with the “Green Button” seal, where all fashion producers can be voluntarily certified. The certification criteria are totally transparent and can be read on the website of the green button. If someone is planning to do this, I would be happy if you do this and then explain them to me.

Law-abiding – would be nice

One of the criteria is, for example, compliance with the law. I think it’s great that a seal is now used to ensure that legal regulations are observed in the manufacturing countries. Oh, that’s right, the seal is voluntary. That means that if you don’t certify yourself with the “Green Button”, then you don’t necessarily have to produce in compliance with the law. But I’m certainly getting that wrong, and I don’t mean to be cynical. It’s certainly not as simple as I’m making it out to be here. So after getting little to nothing from “Green Button 1.0”, it’s good that this government textile seal is now going into its second round. And because no annual license fees are due for the seal, the sustainable labels are certainly rushing to get it. However, I was not able to find out what the costs are for certification. As I said, this whole certification process reads very complicated.

Against better knowledge

Besides “Grüner Knopf” there are also some other sustainable certifications, which surely more people have on the screen. First and foremost the ÖKO-TEX® label. I know this through my children. However, it should be noted that the majority of children’s clothing should be bought second-hand at best. Then you can

he assume that most of the harmful substances are washed out. On top of that, baby and toddlers, after all, grow like weeds, which is why the clothes are rarely “applied”. But who adheres to this? The textile industry would have to register a blatant drop in sales if consumers in the children’s segment were increasingly buying second-hand. Since there is however still child clothing en masse, humans act thus against better knowledge. Sapperlot – what insight. Please don’t take offense at my sarcasm. You know me – I don’t mean it soooohoooo.

Green Button” and the consumers

I just don’t get it. Everywhere it is always said that the consumers have it in their hands. That’s what the law of the market regulates. There’s something to that, of course – after all, no one is forcing us to buy more clothes than we need or can wear. However, the legislator paves the way for strange production conditions. A host of free trade agreements don’t exactly ensure transparency, and globalization does have its downsides. Nevertheless, government seals such as “Green Button” or “GOTS” are important. The latter is currently the most important international seal. Only if you as a buyer don’t really know what it’s all about or where these certified products can be found, then I think it’s planned past the point. My husband says it will probably just take longer to be adopted – much like the organic seal did for food back in the day. I’m not sure he’s right about that, though. What is clear, however, is that the environment never has that much time.

Higher, faster, further

After all, the fashion issue is not only about the lousy production conditions for the employees. That in itself would be bad enough. But the fashion industry also has a dubious ecological footprint on top of that. In this respect, there is a great need for action, and I simply don’t think it’s right to pass on any responsibility to the consumer. It’s too easy for the companies, and the government is also getting out of it. I can’t hold out carrots to the rabbits and then expect the rodents not to bite. But that’s probably the price we have to pay for continued growth. I guess it’s time to practice abandonment. After all, how can something keep growing if both means and available space are already subject to a natural limit. But these thoughts already lead too far again. So back to “Green Button”.

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Which companies have the green button?

There is a list on the page of the GIZ GmbH. This pdf shows which companies are already certified with the “Green Button”. I know a few of them. But most of them are unknown to me and the ones I know I don’t necessarily perceive as fashion labels. But that doesn’t mean anything. But I do know a few brands that deserve to be certified. neyo. for example – who have been making sure that people in Nepal have jobs again for a few years now. Jan’n June, Lanius and Fit Buddha are also sustainable. But “green button” is not something I scoffed at any of these labels. What

does that mean for the labels or for the government seal?


they not know about each other or is also a green button at the end of the day again so expensive that only global players can afford it?


sustainable consumption

When it comes to the look, I’m also going a bit sustainable today. Once it is only about things that have been with me for a while. And the outfit, as mentioned above, falls under the category of winter spring look. On top of that, it ties in seamlessly with my idea from Thursday. In my waddle post, I did fantasize that we can all wear our favorite winter clothes again now. Or the ones that didn’t get enough air time last season. The latter applies to my styling today. The check wool pants are only for really cold days and thus perfect at the moment. Crass or. I would not have thought that it will be so cold again. Snow in April is not so unusual – but such minus degrees are for me a reason for Mimimi… The sweater is by the way from neyo. and thus meets many sustainable criteria. Have a great Sunday, dear all <3

Details on the outfit


THE BRITISH SHOP – The pants come from a cooperation with the Brit expert and because British wool pants with check pattern never go out of fashion is also sustainable consumption



neyo. – I have the sweater for a long time and also still in burgundy. In the meantime, TATA, the name of the sweater comes in many different colors. Mine is called cloudy powder.


Mango – I have the longer and I simply could not resist the color



&other Stories – I don’t think anyone wants to buy boots anymore.


OHCAROJewelry – my necklaces and the earrings are from the Franconian jewelry label. I love the jewelry from Caro and with connydolllifestyle20 you get 20% off in the store.

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