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a fashion upgrade for any outfit

In 2017, I said loudly that I would remain loyal to my buckle, but five years have barely passed and I’m already a renegade. But that’s not quite true. Positively formulated, I would like to state that the old buckle got company. After all, it still offers support for clothes that go astray. Huh? What am I talking about? About my new, rather eye-catching belt buckle, of course. You see, I added a gold Hugo to my silver Escada belts. And no, I don’t mean the drink, as some on Instagram already suspected early yesterday morning. So although I still claimed five years ago, I remain faithful to my belt from Escada, I have now treated myself to a belt with even thicker letters. Freely according to the motto, what do I care about my chatter from yesterday. And because it has become a cognac-colored hip belt, I style it this time to a look with neutral tones.

Belt – waist or hip?

Yep, folks, a belt is a topic of contention. So strictly speaking, you can argue about anything – except with me. Because even on the subject of belts I keep it with live and let live and if anything, I argue with the belt itself. Then it annoys me that he fits at the waist, but at the hip so much leather remains on one side that you could almost wrap him twice around. But unfortunately only almost – because up to the next belt loop the leather strap usually does not make it. So he dangles rather unmotivated around. Of course, you can buy a belt to tie for these cases. They are usually rather narrow and super suitable for outfits without belt loops. For example, if you want to wear a blazer on waist. Or a knit dress. However, the material of the belt must necessarily be soft, too rigid leather is difficult to tie.

Fake leather or leather?

And sorry, in my memory belts used to be just decorative accessories. They were often such wide waist ties made of elastic fabric, closed with hooks and pretty relentlessly revealed any flab above or below. In addition, rivets and of course neon colors were current at that time. At least for the women. Hach yes, that awakens but immediately nostalgic feelings. Today, both the wide belts, as well as those with rivets are back in fashion. However, most belts today are made of leather – of course, imitation leather is also often used. After all, this is in no way comparable to the quality of the past. However, fake leather belts are still somehow unattractive after a while. In my experience, they fray or become brittle or lose the color or coating. Since I have made with leather simply better experience. Especially if you also tie the belt or it is braided belt.

Belts and their buckles

Also in my memory, only men have worn such large and flashy belt buckles. And strictly speaking, these were only cowboys riding rodeo or those who thought they were riding rodeo. Rumor has it that those were also the men who stuffed socks in their pants. But please, I don’t know if there is any truth to these stories. With that, I just wanted to say that in real life I rather rarely see a

Man with a large belt buckle have seen. But maybe that’s because I grew up in the country. Perfect explanation – so I have some catching up to do. So it’s no wonder that HUGO has moved in with me. It’s big and pretty flashy and certainly not for every day. But for such an outfit in neutral tones, the belt is a great eye-catcher and somehow he is “golden”, which is why he is also not comparable with my old buckle. By the way, you can find this blogpost here. But now it’s your turn. Do you also have a soft spot for belts and the corresponding buckle or do you prefer it small but nice? I look forward to your comments and wish you a nice week.

Details of the outfit


ReDone – I’ve been around for a while and also wrote a blogpost about it. You can find the label at Jades24 – If you click, I may get a commission if you buy something. This phenomenal service costs you nothing.


March Munich – I have also for some time. It keeps mega warm and is perfect for the transition.


Closed – I love this label and could virtually buy all jeans together

, which there is.

Cool cuts and always up to date, I think.


&other Stories


Hugo – you can find a comparable belt at About you – there I also bought mine. If you click, I may get a commission if you buy something. This phenomenal service doesn’t cost you anything – apart from your data, which you most likely share somehow with the vastness of the internet. Or do you still have a clue?

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