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Solidarity on social media – my look: beige and casual

You think it couldn’t get any worse, and yet that’s exactly what it does. It’s these times that I find myself even more concerned with the question of whether it’s timely to deal with mundane issues. Anyone who is on social media will be able to relate to these thoughts. Especially on Instagram, the line of right and wrong or black and white is almost palpable to me. The first time I had perceived this “morally insensitive morality police” was during the Islamist-motivated terrorist attack on Charlie Hepdo. At that time, many posted the writing “Je suis Charlie” in some form. And I don’t want to argue against that either. Since one feels so powerless at the mercy of such events, I find this a good way to express one’s solidarity and sympathy with the victims. The same goes for any other useless atrocity. The look: beige and casual.

As I said, I think the shape is a great way to show your solidarity. To say his opinion and to sympathize. Especially with terrible events, you can participate in this way in the fate. We can’t all be there to help. We can’t all clean up or take care of the injured. So not all of us can. If everyone who posts on social media about the issue were to travel to the scene of the particular event, the people who really know about it wouldn’t be able to do their jobs. So let’s post and just do what we do best. Or not! But wait, because “or not” is a problem for some, especially on Instagram. People grumble and rant about how they can continue to do what they’re doing in the name of the Three Devils, when the Russians are invading Ukraine.

How to continue?

Hmmmm – yes, how can one? I also think, how to go on, although a mother of three children is dying of a heart attack. Or someone’s child is killed in a car accident. Or a colleague receives a terrible diagnosis. How can you eat three meals a day when there are children in the same class who go to school without breakfast? And no, I don’t want to compare anything with that. It is bad what is happening in Ukraine. It is bad beyond all measure, and I lack the expressions that I would like to say to this Russian Hitler. But misery is not comparable. Neither is how we humans deal with or express sympathy. There is no magic formula, which is why most people feel so powerless when someone tells us about the death of a loved one or about an illness. There is simply no manual for such cases.

Everyone has their own truth

A patent remedy for dealing with misery seems to exist only on Instagram. All of a sudden, you’re not allowed to do what you’ve always done before. Or you absolutely have to publish a statement of solidarity or at least a donation hotline. (I did that, too) Yes, it may be that advertising, for example, is inappropriate in times like these. But who decides whether and what is allowed? Bad conditions exist always and at all times in the world. While we are lying here in our warm beds, war is going on in other countries. And while in our democratic country people see their personal freedom endangered by masks and pandemic-related restrictions, in other countries journalists are locked up in prisons. Well, that’s probably what many a lateral-thinking fellow citizen would like to see here, too. After all, here in our country, thanks to the filter bubble, everyone has their own truth (and, of course, they’ve eaten it with spoons).

Solidarity has nothing to do with Instagram

And ultimately, I also wonder why moral accusations are often made on social media, while it otherwise seems to play a role in the choice of clothing a woman makes in the political arena. Wasn’t there just something with Annalena Baerbock’s choice of coat. The coat, which it had carried with its attendance in Kiew and Moscow. Well, cheers, if the foreign minister’s choice of clothing has such consequences. Sorry, of course I didn’t mean that seriously. But what I am quite serious about is that we need a lot more solidarity in the future. And I don’t mean the kind that can be posted on Instagram. But the kind we use to pay our electricity bill or the next tank of gas. And even in this war, there will be refugees, not all of whom Ukraine’s neighbors will be able to take in. Let’s see how solidary we really are when it comes down to it.

The horror mission of the Russian Hitler.

It also annoys me that all politicians have to express their dismay, their bewilderment, etc., and yet then follow it up with soft-soap consequences. I know I don’t know politics well enough to put my foot in my mouth here. But I believe that this madman in the Kremlin and all his followers are completely crazy and their entire actions unpredictable. What is happening has nothing to do with politics in my eyes. It reminds much more of an Austrian, who started a similar horror mission more than 80 years ago. In any case, this whole situation makes me very afraid and that is exactly the reason for me to continue as before. Because the world will not become a better place if I stop doing this, but maybe it will become a little better if I can direct your thoughts to something beautiful. It’s worth a try.

Who decides what solidarity looks like?

Also, let’s all shut up and not judge who is dealing with this situation and whether or not solidarity is appropriate. Because we don’t know shit about what’s going on in the heads and souls of other people. So guys, that’s why there’s a look from me today in beige and casual. This is as neutral as can be, only about the origin could be argued. But just recently someone had posted on Instagram that people who wear beige have their lives together. I am living proof that this is not true in all areas – but I can pretend. Have a great Sunday and maybe you’ll feel like sharing your thoughts? Thanks already.

Details of the outfit

Pants & Sweater

H&M – both are still available there. The pants are leggings and quite comfortable, but run rather small. If you click and buy something, I get, if everything works technically

I get a small commission from H&M, this service costs you nothing. You can also find the sweater at H&M. And here is the same rate as above.


HiTec – I already bought the shoes a few years ago at Lindner Fashion



MUF10 – I had also discovered at Lindner Fashion and it is the perfect winter coat. Warm and cozy. Unfortunately the label probably doesn’t make anything anymore – very sad. I like this cool street style mix. I have already shown you the coat more often.


Runte jewelry – the chain Coin I like very much and wear it really like.


Swarovski – which had actually bought Claudia and then I came to visit – harhar


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