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Pants in the boots

If you’re into fashion, you can’t avoid trends. After all, this is the nutrient of every fashion blog. If there weren’t constantly new things, everything would probably already have been said on the subject of fashion. On the other hand, this is somehow too simple-minded. Because I am still of the opinion that fashion takes place, even if one does not attach importance to it. However, it is then perhaps rather style. So I immediately have a very specific outfit type in mind when I think of environmental activists, for example. But wait, that’s not meant to sound disrespectful. I don’t want to put anyone in a corner – but experience shows that most people stay true to a certain fashion style at some point. It doesn’t matter if it’s trendy or not. Most people my age have found their thing and stay true to it. I, however, like fashion unpredictability and today I tuck my pants into my boots.

Fashion unpredictability

I don’t know how it is with you. But certain outfits, I would love to wear up and down. Preferably every day. Sometimes I do not even know what keeps me from it, because I’m sure, the fewest people notice when times twice in a row the same wear. And even if, whether one would be addressed to it? Actually, I can’t imagine that. “Hey, colleague X, didn’t you wear that yesterday too?” Depending on the industry, there would probably be whispers in the back. But what does one of the most popular calendar sayings tell us: don’t pay attention to the gossip of others. So let’s go for the five-day outfit. Sorry, kidding, because actually, I like the variety. Also, I digressed because I was going to say that there are these outfits that I want to wear all the time and then all of a sudden it stops. That’s what happened back when I put the pants in the boots.

Pants in the boots is so 2007

Outfits where I had put the pants in the boots, I used to wear almost exclusively. Boots with heels, flat boots, with zippers or without. Boots with pointed toe or round, chunky sole or rather fine. I really had a lot of boots. I also still have a soft spot for these shoes with the long shaft, as they are just the perfect cheat for people like me whose legs didn’t turn out sooooo long. Black long boots and black pants and no one knows anymore where the boot ends and the leg begins. Well – but all of a sudden there was an end to the boot looks. Somehow this style felt “wrong” after looking in the mirror. Because that’s exactly how it is with me – I put my outfits together by feel. That has no idea about trends, but in the end a trend is nothing else than a good feeling for the zeitgeist.

My trend is my feeling

And sometimes my feeling is simply out of time, but it fits the look. And the latter is probably the most important thing. Because as mentioned above, I put my outfits together purely by feeling. Therefore, I would also be conceivably unsuitable as a buyer for a boutique or a department store. Since you have to meet not only their own taste, but also that of the customers. And at best, that corresponds to your own taste. In reality you see

t that, however, often looks different. There it always depends on the region for which you buy and I guess a boutique in a big city has a different need than a store in the country. And in online retail, it’s all about the right trends anyway. That’s why it’s important to know your clientele and whether they prefer to tuck their pants into their boots or wear wide-leg pants.

Do you put your pants in your boots?

That’s why, even though fashion and fashion are a big part of my life, I’m probably still a rather bad customer. I already have very precise ideas about my outfits and I wear what pleases me or my feeling. Even if that is perhaps not necessarily contemporary. We all know, first and foremost, women must correspond to their own feelings, otherwise … But what am I palavering around, it’s a fact, so that this outfit would correspond to today’s zeitgeist, the pants that are in the boots would have to be wider. Kind of like this look from 2020 – it’s more like 2022. And in 2020, it was hard to find pants with a slightly wider cut. Unfortunately, it’s still the skinny that suits the tastes of most. Strange actually, because I think that the comfort of wide pants can’t be topped by anything. But my feeling is not universal. And how is it with you? According to which criteria do you choose your outfit? Have you found a style for you or are you just as eager to experiment? I look forward to your comments and wish you a great week.

Details about the outfit


TONI – belongs to my long-time cooperation partners. The blouse is a really great part. I like the color mix and the cut very much. Unfortunately it is no longer available.


H&M – I have it for a few years already


All Saints – it’s also ages old.


Zara – are also quite a long time with me. Someone even wrote me on TikTok that they were totally out. I always wonder what causes people to make such statements. I really like this boot at About You. Should you click and buy something, I get a small commission, provided you agree and technically everything works.


Runte jewelry – Coin, so the name of the chain you can find at Dagmar in the store

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