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Exclusive skin care and my thank you raffle for International Women’s Day

My dear readers, whether it’s International Women’s Day or not, we women should celebrate ourselves year-round. Simply for who we are. Yep, maybe all genders should do that – but hey, I’m a woman and that’s exactly what International Women’s Day is all about. So please excuse me if this is maybe a bit one-sided today. Actually, it only seems one-sided – because my thanks are due to my readership. So all of you who take the time twice a week to visit me and my blog. And even more so to those who share my posts and give me a like here and there. It’s not that easy to stand out from the mass of online offers and to reach your target group. Especially not with such philosophical contributions like mine. No instructions, no DIY, no solutions to problems – but lots of thoughts and outfit suggestions. And today you can win an exclusive skin care product.

Positive Vibes

So this is a luxury blog. Not because I always present such insanely expensive fashion labels or cosmetics here, but because it is a luxury to deal with such topics. It’s a luxury when you can do something and don’t have to. Because my blog topics are not essential for survival. However, and now I’m running my mouth, they make the WWW a better place. Because I try to do what I do best here. I spray positive vibes. Maybe that sounds arrogant now – but I know I can do that. I have so much positive energy and optimism that it wouldn’t be fair to just keep it to myself. My glass is half full – no, actually it’s quite full. But now that doesn’t mean my life is free of any problems. And no, the sun doesn’t shine out of my A***** either.

Good mood included

Quite apart from the big problems in the world, I also have my own. And some of them I share with my family members. I am not like that. But what I’ve learned in my years of life is that I don’t want to give much power to the unpleasant things that undoubtedly exist in every life. Because whether I’m lying in a corner crying or laughing, that’s still for me to decide. In the meantime, I don’t care if other people call me superficiality or lack of empathy. So what – feel free. Because the people who are close to me know that this does not apply to me. And that is the only thing that counts. Where I am, there is good humor. Not because I’m a comedian. Telling jokes has never been one of my strengths.

The constant is yourself

And what else I’ve learned: I am not the navel of the world. Surprise. Whether I’m here or not probably won’t change the course of history. But I promise you, if you come to me, whether it’s here or Instagram, I’ll do everything I can to put a smile on your face. You just have to let me. Wise calendar sayings are shared on many social media channels. In real life, however, I often see people whose focus is on what is not going right. On unfulfilled dreams. On the partner who is no longer really attentive or on the job that is also not as you imagined it. But changing these things is difficult. Especially from acertain age. And if we do, many people soon find themselves back at the same point. Because the constant in the game is oneself.

Equality then and now

It’s also the case that I’ve met people doing what I thought was my dream job. And they didn’t look any happier than I did. Which, by the way, is good proof that money alone doesn’t make you happy. Because in my dream job, of course, you earn a lot of money. But it’s really too much to think about that now. The fact that I don’t work in my dream job today is, in my eyes, also due to the fact that I am a victim of my time. A child of the eighties and a girl at that. Of course, equality was already an issue back then – but it looked more like women having to be like men. And I guess I failed miserably at that attempt. With regard to this matter, however, a lot has happened in the last 30 years, fortunately, and that makes me very happy for our daughters and is a reason to sing the praises of International Women’s Day.

Exclusive skin care to win

Likewise, I do not feel that it is superficial or even superfluous to deal with the beautiful things in life. Quite the opposite. And that’s why I’m giving away a very wonderful and exclusive day care today. You have the chance to win the “All Day All Year” by Sisley. This is a terrific product and is suitable for all skin types. The “All Day All Year” serves as a protective shield for all external influences also against UVA and UVB rays. However, it is not a sunscreen. But for days when you are only briefly outside, the “All Day All Year” is also absolutely sufficient as a sunscreen. So perfect for those who on normal job days, do not want to apply additional sunscreen. Who the day care alone is not enough, can apply his serum or whatever you use also under the “All Day All Year”. It’s also perfect as a makeup base. I swear to you, you will love it – as I do. What you have to do for it: write a comment and it would be especially great if you tell me why you like it here. You can find the conditions of participation below. I thank you and wish you a wonderful Sunday – the world women, are then on Tuesday.

Conditions of participation

Subject of the raffle: The exclusive day care “All Day All Year” by Sisley Paris worth 320 euros. I bought the cream myself.

Anyone over 18 years of age residing in Germany or Austria can participate.

Only entries/comments that are submitted before the closing date (09.03.2022 – 24 clock) here at this blog post in the comment field will be considered. Conny Doll Lifestyle does not take any responsibility for anything (such as late, in the wrong place or mistakenly submitted entries).

The comment will only be considered if it is submitted with a valid email address – which of course must be provided.

Multiple comments do not increase the chances of winning

The shipping of the prize will be done by me.

After the end of the competition, the winner will be chosen at random.

The winner / the winner I will write an email after the expiry of the sweepstakes.

Then the winner has two days to contact me at the email address conny[at] and provide me with his/her postal address. If the winner does not contact me within this period, the claim to the prize will be forfeited.

The prize is provided free of charge and will not be paid out in cash. Of course it is not transferable.

Conny Doll Lifestyle reserves the right, should it be necessary, to change, adapt or, if necessary, cancel the competition, even if the prize draw has already expired.

By participating in this raffle, each participant accepts these conditions of participation without restrictions.

The legal process is excluded


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